12 Singaporean Army Songs That Will Make Any NSMan Echo Out Loud


Relive Your BMT Memories With These 12 Songs

Remember back in your days as a chao recruit when you were forced to march for hours under the hot sun while in Pulau Tekong? Can you recall the one thing that made those long BMT route marches just a little better?

That’s right, we’re talking about none other than the catchy army songs you sang as a platoon – or maybe even to yourself when no one’s looking – that never failed to boost your morale during those dark days. After all, the best thing about the army will always be their songs.

Plus, some of you may have been lucky enough to have met someone like this:

Hehe, good times.


For readers that have yet to enlisted, read on more and you might just learn a new song or two today. But to the rest that have, sing along with us as we present to you the 12 army songs that will make any NSmen echo out loud.

Training To Be Soldiers

What better way to begin than with the very first tune that you’ll likely learn at Pulau Tekong?

Training to be soldiers
Fight for our land
Once in our lives
Two years of our time

Have you ever wondered?
Why must we serve?
Because we love our land
And we want it to be free to be free yeah!

Looking all around us
People everywhere
Children having fun
While we are holding guns


Stand up
Be on your guard
Come on everybody
Do your part
Come on every soldier
Soul and heart
Do it for our nation
Do it for our Singapore

How could we ever forget this classic song?

We can’t help but feel a little patriotic every time this tune is sung.

Left Toe Right Toe

This next one needs no introduction — just hearing the title is enough to make you well, keep up with the tempo.

Left toe right toe, keep up the tempo
Left toe right toe, way-loh way-loh ah

Here we go again
Same old march again
Up and down this avenue
X more days and we’ll be through

X more days to book out day
Book out book out day
Way-loh way-loh way-loh way-loh, ah ah
Way-loh way-loh way-loh way-loh, ooh ah ah

Up the hill
Down the slope
Up the slope
Down the hill

Any sweat?
No sweat, chicken feet ha ha
All the way


You may have heard different variations of this next song before — most notably either regarding Pokemon or having to chao geng.

A is for Airborne
I is for in the sky
R is for rough and tough
B is for born to fly
O is for on the go
R is for ready
N is for never quit
E is for everything

Down by the river
Took a little walk
Ran into some terrorists
Had a little talk

Push them (Ya!)
Kick them (Ya!)
Push them, kick them (Ya! Ya!)

Into the river
Watch them drown
We don’t need no terrorists
Hanging around

Hey, don’t be a fool
Somebody said we were no. 2
But we are no. 1
[Coy name]

Just because we know you’re curious, here’s the lyrics to the chao geng version:

A is for Attend C
I is for Injury
R is for Report Sick
B is for Born to Geng
O is for OOC
R is for RMJ
N is for Never Try
E is for Excuse

Down by the MO
Took a little walk
Ran into the MO
Had a little talk

Beg him (Ya!)
Plead him (Ya!)
Beg him, plead him (Ya! Ya!)

NSFs are a creative bunch, indeed.

When The Cold Wind Blows

This song is probably the most effective when sung in the early morning.

In the early morning march
With my field pack on my bag
And an aching in my heart
And my body full of sweat

I’m a long long way from home
And I miss my mother so
In the early morning march

When the cold wind blows
When the cold wind blows
When the cold wind blows
When the cold wind blows

I know I know
You have to go
So hurry back home
‘Cuz I miss you so

Fun fact: all four lines of “when the cold wind blows” are sung in entirely different tunes.


Next is a fan – or soldier? – favourite with its oh so catchy chorus while still retaining military-esque tunes in the verses.

Imagine this rolling down your street.


C130 rolling down the street
[Company name] warriors took a little trip
Stand up, hook it up, shuffle to the door
Jump right out by the count of four

Oh wa eh ya
Left right eh ya
Oh wa eh ya
[Company name] eh ya

If my shoot doesn’t open wide
I got a spare one by my side
If that one doesn’t open too
Oh hard ground I am coming for you


If I land in the Russian Front
Bury me with a Russian gun
If I land in the Vietnam War
Send me back to Singapore


If I land in Sentosa,
Send me back by cable car
If I land in the Old Folk’s Home
Pack me up and send me home


Tell my mom I’ve done my best
Now its time for me to rest
Tell my girl I’ve done my best
Silver wings upon my chest.


If the chorus doesn’t make any sense to you, get someone who knows to sing it — you won’t regret it.

When The Whistle Blows

Another one of the army favourites yet again because of it’s catchy chorus, remember to echo out loud when you sing along.

When the whistle blows
Silence everywhere
And the flag goes up
In the battalion square

Soldiers all around
Never let you down
‘Cos we are the best
In the SAF

So echo echo out loud
[Company] warriors never let you down yah
So echo echo out loud
[Company] warriors never let you down yah

Up in the sky
Where the planes fly high
And the parachutes bloom
Like flowers in the sky

I wanna be
A [Company name] warrior
‘Cos we are the best
In the SAF


Is this song stuck in your head yet?

I Ask My Girl

Check out this lovely acoustic rendition of the SAF’s I Ask My Girl:

I ask my girl
To take a walk
Down Orchard Road
Bypass Mandarin
To Centrepoint
Where we had lunch
At McDonalds

We had fillet
And an apple pie
We shared a cup
Of lemon lime
Holding her hands
Looked into her eyes
I asked her to
Be my future wife

There was one night
There was no light
So we used torchlight
Torchlight no light
So we used star light
Star light not bright
So we used purple light

Don’t be fooled, the actual song is much more positive than what you hear from the singer.

Hentak Kaki Song

This next song will either give you proud memories – of winning cheer competitions – or nightmares — from repeating it hundreds of times.

Left! Left! Left! Right! Le- aiyah, Sergeant cannot already!


Count by the count by the left foot count yah

One! Can’t hear your ah!
Two! Shout louder ah!
Three! Much better ah!
Four! All together now!

One! Two! Three! Four!

We come from a company
Famous in BMT
Come from a very special company

Fight for our glory
Fight for our victory
Fight with a spirit never seen before

[Company name] [Company name] all the way
We like it here we like it here
We found ourselves a home
A home, a home sweet home

Relived that memory already? Good.


Purple Light

Of course Purple Light would make the list, did you think we’d intentionally leave it out? After making headlines due to its supposed ban, this song has somewhat became a taboo to sing during marching. Which is why its lyrics have been slightly tweaked.

Purple light, in the valley
That is where, I want to be
[Company name], best companions
With my rifle and my buddy and me

SOC, si bei jia lat
IPPT, lagi worse
Every day, doing PT
With my rifle and my buddy and me

Booking out, saw my girlfriend
Saw her with, another man
Scold the man, dump my girlfriend
With my rifle and my buddy and me

ORD, back to study
Get degree, so happy
Can’t forget, days in army
With my rifle and my buddy and me

Purple light, at the warfront
That is where, my buddy died
If i died, would you bury me?
With my rifle and my buddy and me

However, it’s arguable that Purple Light only started becoming more popular after AWARE brought it into the limelight.

They Say In The Army

This one’s an oldie that some of you might not have heard of, but its comedic lyrics is sure to send laughter to even your sergeants barking out orders — that is, unless they’ve already heard it a thousand times from the previous batches of recruits.

They say that in the army
The food is very nice
You ask for curry chicken
They give you chaota rice

I don’t want to live an army life (Ya)
I just want to live a simple life (Ya)
PC I wanna go
OC don’t let me go
Mommy I want to go home

They say that in the army
The char bor very nice.
When you ask for Cindy Crawford
They give you Frankenstein


They say that in the army
The sergeant very nice
You ask for early book out
They tell you CCB


They say that in the army
The rifle very nice
But when you pull the trigger
The bullet fly behind


They say that in the army
The grenades very nice
But when you throw the grenade
Your PC fly behind


Admit it, how many of you sung this song all the way til the final verse just to see how your PC would react?

Hokkien Soldier Song

This next song is arguably one of the most famous army songs in Singapore. Readers from the younger generations might not know its name but you’ve definitely heard the many variations of it before.

At the very least, you’re sure to have heard of its chorus.

For those who don’t speak the dialect, here’s a more recent version about BMT in a nut shell created by a 3SG Wang Kai Cheng dedicating it to his batch of recruits at Ulysses.


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